Cooperation opportunities for further advancement discussed at the NanoMedTwin Brokerage event


On September 23, 2022 the National Center for Materials Study and Testing at the Technical University of Moldova hosted a brokerage event in the field of novel nanomaterials for biomedical applications, organised in the framework of the NanoMedTwin project. The event brought together students, researchers, entrepreneurs and decision makers from Moldova, Romania, Germany, Italy and Japan.

The event was opened by the NanoMedTwin project manager Prof. Ion Tighineanu, who mentioned the importance of interdisciplinary research and transnational cooperation between scientists for further advancements. The discussions agenda was started by the special guest from Japan, Prof. Masakazu Kimura, the director of Research Institute of Electronics from Shizuoka University, who presented the research directions and the interaction between scientists and entrepreneurs at Shizuoka University.

An important guest of the brokerage event was dr. Pascal Colpo from the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. Dr. Colpo presented the JRC infrastructure in the field of nanobiotechnology and the main research directions concerning the detection of micro-nano-plastics and its toxicity assessment.  Another important aspect in the presentation of dr. Colpo was the presentation of open calls regarding the possibilities to access freely the research infrastructure available at the JRC.

Prof. Mircea Dragoman from the Research Institute of Microtechnology in Bucharest, Romania, presented the available infrastructure and the main research directions, as well as the promising developments of the semiconductors industry in Romania.

Prof. Viorel Nacu and Dr. Angela Paraschiv from State University of Medicine and Pharmacy „N. Testemitanu” presented their research areas and collaboration interests.

Innovative private companies from Moldova and Germany were present at the event. Marcel Varlan from Eliri Research Enterprise informed the audience on the development of microwires and micro-coils based on different materials, as well as the potential use in medicine and neurosciences.

Dr. Ala Cojocaru from Kiel University and PhiStone Company made a presentation on the transfer of processes from development to production.

The infrastructure and the main research directions in the field of nanotechnology and nanomedicine at the National Center for Materials Study and Testing were presented by dr. Tudor Braniste.

The event was completed by a comprehensive presentation from the National Agency for Research and Development of the Republic of Moldova made by Vadim Iatchevici. In his presentation Mr. Iatchevici presented the programs funded by NARD, aimed at stimulating technology transfer in the Republic of Moldova.

The online recording of the event is available at