Another student visit at JRC finished successfully


Vadim Morari, a PhD student at the Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnologies „D. Ghitu” from Moldova, had the opportunity to visit the Nanobiotechnology laboratory at the Joint Research Center, Ispra site, in Italy during April-July 2022.

During his three-months visit, Vadim was trained to operate the Scanning Electron Microscope, Raman spectroscopy and XRD equipment, and to interpret the obtained results. The investigated materials, ultrathin layers of semiconductor compounds, were obtained by Vadim at the „D.Ghitu” Institute in Moldova, in the framework of his doctoral thesis. The obtained results demonstrate the feasibility of the aerosol deposition and spin coating deposition, as cost-efficient methods for obtaining ultrathin layers of high-quality semiconductor compounds which will be used in the development of UV radiation detection.

Upon his return home, Vadim held a seminar and presented all the newly acquired results. Besides the improvement of English language, he had the possibility to improve his science communication and gain new valuable skills. He said: „The NanoMedTwin project was very necessary and useful in gathering information about photodetectors obtained by different methods. It gave me the opportunity to accumulate professional experience and information for my doctoral thesis. In order to make science more attractive in Moldova, there is a need for such research projects, where young generation can be involved at international level.”