"It's difficult to pick only one favorite lecture" - Summer School "Innovations in Nanomedicine"


The second Summer School "Innovations in Nanomedicine" was focused on intellectual property (IP) protection in the field of applied science, technology transfer and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurial culture in Moldova. It was organised on July 3-6, 2022 in hybrid format, with over 45 participants. 

The Summer School was aimed at PhD students, students and high school pupils, passionate about science and technology. The lectures were delivered both in English and Romanian. With a total duration of 19 hours, the lectures were delivered by professors and researchers from NanoMedTwin consortium partners: University of Bristol from UK, Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden and Hannover Medical School in Germany. It also included lectures and best practice advice from experts in technology transfer and representatives of the State Agency on Intellectual Property and Market Economy Institute in the Republic of Moldova.

The course also featured an online lecture, delivered by the Nobel Prize Laureate, Prof. Hiroshi Amano from Nagoya University in Japan. The online lecture Roadmap to Realize Carbon Neutral Society with New Semiconductor Materials”  was organised by the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and was streamed online, including via the national streaming service privesc.eu.  

Among the participants were 7 high-school pupils interested in science and technology, as well as students, PhDs and MSc students from various higher education and research organisations, such as the Technical University of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “N.Testemitanu”, Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, Moldova State University, Medical College “Raisa Pacallo”, Institute of Electronic Engineering and Nanotechnology “D.Ghitu”. 

The lectures were focused on such topics as, latest achievements in the development of artificial organs, tissue engineering, specifics of innovations in Startups, technology transfer best practices in the companies based on innovations, Intellectual Property for scientific activities, development of nanomaterials for nanomedicine etc. Each lecture was followed by a Q&A session, where both onsite and online participants had the possibility to engage with lecturers. The lectures have been highly appreciated by all participants. "It is difficult to pick just one favorite lecture, they all disclose various topics and it was interesting to learn from each of the presentations", as mentioned by one of the participants. 

Also, as part of the Summer School, onsite students performed visits to the National Center for Materials Study and Testing and the National Center of Space Technologies, both located at the Technical University of Moldova.  

At the end of the Summer School the attendants received participation certificates, signed by the rector of the Technical University of Moldova, prof. Viorel Bostan and NanoMedTwin project manager, acad. Ion Tiginyanu.