Final student visit to the University of Bristol


Mihail Batiri, PhD student from the Technical University of Moldova, spent  4 months (April – August) at the University of Bristol under the guidance of Dr. Andrei Sarua. His visit focused on the exfoliation of 2D layered materials like SnSe, SnSe:Bi, SnS, and SnS2 and investigation of optical properties.

During his visit, Mihail had the opportunity to study and train on using different measuring equipment and also work with experienced specialists from the University of Bristol, thus making new and valuable contacts.

The main goal of the visit was achieved, by using different exfoliation techniques Mihail obtained very thin layers of SnS, SnS2 and SnSe materials with thicknesses of 5-25 nm and lengths of 1-10 um. The thin layers were characterized by SEM/EDX, TEM, AFM and Raman Spectroscopy. Through photolithographic processes, metallic contacts were deposited and later on the electrical properties of SnS thin layers were studied.

Mihail mentioned “NanoMedTwin project is an opportunity for young researchers at the beginning of their careers to improve their skills and gain valuable experience for their future research. During the visit, I participated in various courses and seminars, I had the opportunity to visit the Electrochemistry laboratory at the University of Southampton and under the guidance of Dr Andrei Sarua, I was training in various measurement techniques. The obtained experience and results are highly valuable for my doctoral thesis and I had the unique opportunity to make new and valuable contacts with whom to develop a longstanding collaboration”.