Nanomaterials characterization and their application as drug delivery system – student visit to JRC


Vladimir Ciobanu, a PhD student at the National Center for Materials Study and Testing from the Technical University of Moldova, had the opportunity to visit the Nanobiotechnology laboratory at the Joint Research Center, Ispra site, in Italy during May – Sept 2022.

During his four-months visit, Vladimir learned a variety of instruments to use for characterization of nanomaterials. Nanoparticles like ZnO and GaN were investigated for size distribution, morphology, structural properties, chemical analysis for further application as antibiotics drug delivery system for sinusitis treatment. Techniques like XPS, TEM, DLS, UV/Vis spectroscopy were used to characterize both qualitatively and quantitatively the binding of antibiotics on the nanoparticles surface.

During the visit Vladimir investigated inorganic nanoparticles for potential applications in drug delivery system for sinusitis treatment. Nanoparticles with or without magnetic properties were used to encapsulate different types of antibiotics using strategies like chemical (carbodiimide or hydrazine chemistry) or electrostatic binding.

During the NanoMedTwin partner workshop in Ispra from September 8-9 ), he presented the results with a final conclusion on the work done during the last visit.

He also participated at the 17th annual conference ETPN-2022 in Braga, Portugal, where he presented at the Poster Session the results obtained during his previous visits to JRC, recently published in the Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials (available at