Final NanoMedTwin project meeting


The final meeting of the NanoMedTwin project took place on Oct 21, 2022 at the Technical University of Moldova. It aimed to discuss the results and achievements of the project during its 4 years of implementation, its overall impact and future cooperation opportunities of the project partners.

The meeting was organised in hybrid mode, with some of the partners attending online.  National Center for Materials Study and Testing (NCMST) at the Technical University of Moldova, project coordinator, was represented by Prof. Ion Tiginyanu, Dr. Tudor Braniste, Prof. Veaceslav Ursachi and Irina Cojocaru. The event was also attended by Dr. Andrei Sarua from the University of Bristol and Dr. Pascal Colpo from JRC. The other project partners participated at the event online: Dr. Andres Hilfiker and Dr. Birgit Andree from the Hannover Medical School, Prof. Ian Linnros from the Royal Institute of Technology and Dana Remes from EFPC. The meeting was also attended by the researchers and students from Technical University of Moldova and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, who benefitted from the study visits organised by the project, Dr. Eduard Monaico, Prof. Viorel Nacu, Dr. Victor Zalamai, Simon Busuioc, Tatiana Galatonova, Vladimir Ciobanu, Mihail Batiri and Valentina Vorona.

The agenda of the event included a presentation of the project results and achievements (by Dr. Braniste  & I.Cojocaru), the scientific research carried out in the framework of the NanoMedTwin project activities (by Prof. Tiginyanu), such as expert and staff visits, partner workshops which resulted in 38 scientific publications during 4 years. Later all project partners engaged in discussions about further collaboration perspectives, as well as the upcoming NanoMedTwin reporting and project review.  Prof. Tiginyanu also announced about the upcoming 6th edition of the International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering ICNBME to be organised on September 20-23, 2023 and invited all project partners to this event.