Invited lecture from the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden


NanoMedTwin project, in the framework of its Advanced Courses on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering has organised an invited lecture from its project partners - Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). 

On February 22, 2020 prof. Jan Linnros and prof. Apurba Dev have delivered lectures on the following topics: 

  • Quantum dots general physics, overview of different materials and single-dot spectroscopy
  • Single bio-molecule sensing using solid state nanopores
  • Sensing of biomolecules using electrokinetic effects
  • Biomolecule sensing – overview

The lectures have been attended by the students following the Advanced Courses on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, as well as several representatives of the teaching staff from the Technical University of Moldova. 

The opening of the lecture has been attended by acad. Ion Tighineanu, president of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and NanoMedTwin project manager and by prof. Viorel Bostan, rector of the Technical University of Moldova. Both appreciated the openness of prof. Linnros and prof. Dev from KTH to share their knowledge and expertise with students from Moldova.