Student visit to the University of Bristol


From October 2019 till February 2020, PhD student Andrei Tiron had an internship at the Bristol University. 

As a visiting student he was involved in the Bristol Center for Functional Nanomaterials (BCFN) Thematic Exploratory Training Assignment (THETA) project. 

As part of the THETA training, Andrei received Safety Training and Risk Assesment, followed by training on different instruments (Raman Scattering, PL, SEM, EDX, CL, DTL, D2TL, sputtering, e-beam evaporator, Ellipsometer). Another component of the project focused on courses in academic writing, project management and industrial training, as well as lectures on Computational Nanoscience, Nanoscience, Bionanomaterials, Solid-state Nanoscale Surfaces and Materials, Nanotoxicology and Nano-Optics. 

Coming back from the UK Andrei shared his experience with colleagues at the National Center for Materials Study and Testing from the Technical University of Moldova


A new student visit is under preparation.  NCMST PhD student Irina Plesco is now preparing for a 5 months visit at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. During her vistit at KTH, Irina is going to follow courses along with practical training in the laboratory, where she will learn more on colloidal systems and photocatalitic properties of nanostructures wide-bandgap semiconductors (GaN, ZnO, ZnS, Ga2O3).