Expert Staff Training on taking research to the market, business development, innovation and startup investments, hosted by KTH Innovation


On the 11th of December, a group of 18 researchers from Moldova involved in the NanoMedTwin project participated in an online meeting with experts in business development and research commercialization from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The lecture ”Taking research to market-how it is done and supported at KTH incl. the KTH Innovation Readiness Level®- methodology for structured innovation development” was given by Daniel Carlsson -  business development coach materials/medtech KTH Innovation and Investment Manager start-up investments KTH Holding.

In his talk, Mr. Carlsson explained how the KTH Innovation supports about 400 new research ideas every year in order to help KTH residents bring their results to the market. Along with obtaining intellectual property in order to secure the right on the new technology, the KTH Innovation is guiding also by the KTH Innovation Readiness Level®, summarising the aspects of Technology, Customer Readiness Level, Team, Business, IPR, and Funding Readiness Level.

The speaker also explained the whole process how an initial contact or idea can go through the cycle of description and verifications, until it reaches the development and commercialization phase and is ready for the next step – the initiation of a start-up. Mr. Carlsson brought into discussion some of the most important points in describing a new idea and building the business proposal. This consists in the identification of the problem or unmet needs, then one should come with the concept or the approaches for addressing the needs, followed by the identification of the benefits for the customer in using the defined approach, and the final point to be addressed are the competitive approaches.

Among the listeners there were researchers and PhD students from the Technical University of Moldova, State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and „Eliri” Research Institute, who will apply the acquired knowledges in their research activities at the intersection of Nanotechnology and BioMedicine.