NanoMedTwin Workshop at KTH in Stockholm


In the period 19-20 May 2022 a new workshop in the framework of the NanoMedTwin project was organized by the KTH team in Stockholm, Sweden. Due to relaxation of COVID-related restrictions, the workshop was held with both physical presence and online.

Visiting students and researchers from all partner institutions attended the workshop moderated by Professor Jan Linnros, KTH. The program included the presentations of the latest results obtained by the researchers during the last years. The discussions were focused on student visit results and further collaborative aspects.

Prof. Tighineanu and Dr. Tudor Braniste from the Technical University of Moldova presented the "Results and research topics of the National Center for Materials Study and Testing in Moldova". 

Dr. Pascal Colpo from the JRC Nanobiotechnology Laboratory in Ispra, informed the audience about the projects and open-access activities at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission.

Dr. Andrei Sarua from Bristol University, UK presented a report on "Plasmonic devices and structures for sensing applications".  Dr. Apurba Dev presented the information related to the biosensing activities at KTH and Uppsala University.

Dr. Birgit Andree, Hannover Medical School reported on “Tissue engineering at MHH - challenges and success in the frame of the NanoMedTwin project”.

Professor Joydeep Dutta from the Functional Materials and Applied Physics Department at KTH presented his latest results on water desalination and hydrogen production in his talk "Can Nanotechnology contribute to sustainable Living?"

The Workshop ended with a presentation from the students who at present are currently visiting KTH. Tatiana Galatonova and Moen Talebian Gevari presented their results on electrokinetically-based point of care biosensing technique - a road trip from principle to application.

During the visit the guests were introduced to the technological and characterization facilities available at KTH within the laboratories and the cleanroom.