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Ciobanu, V.; Ursaki, V.V.; Lehmann, S.; Braniste, T.; Raevschi, S.; Zalamai, V.V.; Monaico, E.V.; Colpo, P.; Nielsch, K.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Aero-TiO2 Prepared on the Basis of Networks of ZnO Tetrapods. Crystals 2022, 12, 1753.

Moise, C.C.; Mihai, G.V.; Anicăi, L.; Monaico, E.V.; Ursaki, V.V.; Enăchescu, M.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Electrochemical Deposition of Ferromagnetic Ni Nanoparticles in InP Nanotemplates Fabricated by Anodic Etching Using Environmentally Friendly ElectrolyteNanomaterials 2022, 12, 3787.

Ciobanu, V.; Roncari, F.; Ceccone, G. et al. Protein-corona formation on aluminum doped zinc oxide and gallium nitride nanoparticles. Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials. 2022;20. doi:10.1177/22808000221131881

Monaico, E.I.; Monaico, E.V.; Ursaki, V.V.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Controlled Electroplating of Noble Metals on III-V Semiconductor Nanotemplates Fabricated by Anodic Etching of Bulk SubstratesCoatings 2022, 12, 1521.

Morari, V.; Ursaki, V.V.; Rusu, E.V.; Zalamai, V.V.; Colpo, P.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Spin-Coating and Aerosol Spray Pyrolysis Processed Zn1−xMgxO Films for UV Detector ApplicationsNanomaterials 2022, 12, 3209.

Monaico, E.V.; Morari, V.; Kutuzau, M.; Ursaki, V.V.; Nielsch, K.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Magnetic Properties of GaAs/NiFe Coaxial Core-Shell StructuresMaterials 2022, 15, 6262.

Dragoman, M.; Dinescu, A.; Avram, A.; Dragoman, D.; Vulpe, S.; Aldrigo, M.; Braniste, T.; Suman, V.; Rusu, E.; Tiginyanu, I. Ultrathin tin sulfide field-effect transistors with subthreshold slope below 60 mV/decade. Nanotechnology 2022, 33.    

Ursaki, V.V.; Lehmann, S.; Zalamai, V.V.; Morari, V.; Nielsch, K.; Tiginyanu, I.M.; Monaico, E.V. Core–Shell Structures Prepared by Atomic Layer Deposition on GaAs NanowiresCrystals 2022, 12, 1145.

Monaico, E.V.; Morari, V.; Ursaki, V.V.; Nielsch, K.; Tiginyanu, I.M. Core–Shell GaAs-Fe Nanowire Arrays: Fabrication Using Electrochemical Etching and Deposition and Study of Their Magnetic PropertiesNanomaterials 2022, 12, 1506.

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Cojocari, S.; Ignatov, O.; Jian, M.; Cobzac, V.; Braniște, T. Monaico, E.; Taran, A.; Nacu, V. Zinc Oxide and Gallium Nitride Nanoparticles Application in Biomedicine: A Review. CRIS of TUM. [Preprint]. March 10, 2022. Available from: 

Malcova, T.; Nacu, V.; Rojnoveanu, Gh.; Andrée, B.; Hilfiker, A.  Evaluation of Ultrasound Application for the Decellularization of Small Caliber Vessels. CRIS of TUM. [Preprint]. March 10, 2022. Available from:

Ciobanu, V.; Plesco, I.; Braniste, T.; Ceccone, G.; Colpo, P.; Tiginyanu, I. GaN Ultrathin Membrane for SERS Detection of Rhodamine B. CRIS of TUM. [Preprint]. March 10, 2022. Available from:

Monaico, E.; Busuioc, S.; Tiginyanu, I. Controlling the Degree of Hydrophilicity/Hydrophobicity of Semiconductor Surfaces via Porosification and Metal Deposition. CRIS of TUM. [Preprint]. March 10, 2022. Available from:

Ciobanu V, Ceccone G, Jin I, Braniste T, Ye F, Fumagalli F, Colpo P, Dutta J, Linnros J, Tiginyanu I. Large-Sized Nanocrystalline Ultrathin β-Ga2O3 Membranes Fabricated by Surface Charge Lithography. Nanomaterials. 2022; 12(4):689.

Braniste, T.; Ciobanu, V.; Schütt, F.; Mimura, H.; Raevschi, S.; Adelung, R.; Pugno, N.M.; Tiginyanu, I. Self-Propelled Aero-GaN Based Liquid Marbles Exhibiting Pulsed Rotation on the Water SurfaceMaterials 2021, 14, 5086.

A. Liang, L.T. Shi, S. Gallego-Parra, O. Gomis, D. Errandonea, I.M. Tiginyanu, V.V. Ursaki, F.J. Manjón. Pressure-induced band anticrossing in two adamantine ordered-vacancy compounds: CdGa2S4 and HgGa2S4. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 886, 2021, 161226. ISSN 0925-8388. 

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